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Early Days

It all started when the house at 1 Abbey View was used as the social meeting place for people who worked down at the Judge Walmsley Mill.

The club was born

The Club's full title is 'The Billington and Whalley Brass Band and Working Men's Club and Institute'.

The first General Meeting was held on the 24th August 1925, opening on the 25th. When the club opened it had 46 members and the subs to year end being 2/-, takings for the night being £2 - 4s - 6d, a pint bottle would have cost you 11d (just under 5p today!). The official opening night was held on 9th October 1925: a pianist played and was paid 5s for the night.

First mention of a band was at a meeting held on Sunday 3rd October 1925. Practice was going to take place on Tuesday 5th October at 8pm prompt. Mr M Ward was to be the conductor. 

A bill for the ale supplied was received from the Blackburn brewery and was for £97-17-3 along with rent of £2-10-0. This was paid for by Mr J Ainsworth Snr as the club did not have a cheque book.

Subs for the 1st full year 1926 were 1/- per quarter, 4/- per year and a joining fee of 1/-.

At the committee meeting of 11th January 1926 it was determined that NO WOMEN should be allowed into the club as there was no suitable 'accommodation' for them! A Sunday sing-song to be tried.

The Club advertised for its first Steward and Mr W Griffiths was appointed on 25th january 1926, with a wage of £2-10-0 per week. He only lasted until the 29th March of the same year when he was dismissed.

General meeting 31st January 1927: brass band instruments recalled as a new band was to be formed and this happened on 26th June 1927.

On the 11th April 1927 the club allowed women to be members at 1/- per year but were only allowed to consume intoxicants at the door and when attending concerts.

Special General meeting held 16th October 1929. New Trustees were appointed: J.Ainsworth Snr, T.Turner and A.Smith.

The above information has been taken from the first minute book of the club and compiled by Mr J Ainsworth Jnr. 


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